Article 4, §2 of the Tennessee Constitution provides that the Tennessee legislature may deny the right to vote to persons convicted of "infamous" crimes. Pursuant to this provision in the Tennessee Constitution, the Tennessee legislature has excluded individuals convicted of various felonies from the right of suffrage.

 However, the legislature has also established conditions and procedures through which individuals who have lost their voting rights may regain them. The manner in which a person may restore a lost voting right depends upon the crime committed and the year in which the conviction occurred.  See below.

Felony Conviction (After May 18, 1981) in Tennessee

Type of Crime That Forfeits Right to Vote

  • All Felonies

Conditions under Which Person May Be Eligible for Restoration of Voting Rights

  • Receipt of a pardon;
  • Expiration of the maximum sentence imposed for the crime; or
  • Granted final release from incarceration or supervision by the board of paroles, the department of correction, or county correction authority; and
  • Any court order restitution paid; and/or
  • Current in the payment of any child support obligations; and/or
  • Any court ordered court costs paid


Election Calendar

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Early Voting is:
October 17-November 1, 2018
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9am-3:30pm
Thursday: 9am-6pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am-12Noon